[spoiler alert] she cries and complains a lot

Hi hello! I’m Chaima and I’m 20 yeras old–which is weird to say because I used to think that 20/22 year-old people were adults with a job and a house on their own…and yet here I am, still sharing memes and feeling more emotions towards fictional characters than I do towards people I know in real life.

I think reading is cool because for once all these problems are not mine to deal with. HA! I would also personally massively suck as a fictional character: cardio isn’t my strongest point and neither is any other form of physical exercise, and, I cannot be left to my own devices because my devices usually are just aggressively procrastinating.

I’m Muslim and Moroccan Amazighi (Indigenous people of Morocco). I’m currently in college in France to make my father, Adam Parrish, proud, even though he would be thoroughly abhorred by my study habits and attendance record. On the other hand, however, Ronan Lynch would be very pleased. My hobbies include hanging out in bookstores and openly lusting for books I cannot afford. You could put every character I like in a room and yell “hey, asshole!” and 99% of them would look up. Seriously. If I had a dollar for every time I picked the biggest sarcastic, dysfunctional asshole with issues as thickly layered as their character and got emotionally invested in their arc, I would probably have enough money to pay for the psychiatric help I obviously need.

I’m bisexual because I decided to make my life a lot harder than it already is. (I’m so sorry, the internet has thoroughly defiled my sense of humor. Now everything comes out as a thinly veiled cry from help.) Being bisexual means you get to have only two crushes in your lifetime and I already used up mine on Jude Duarte from The Cruel Prince so now I have to use my second crush very wisely. That was also a joke. Humor substitutes for my lack of conversational skills and also serves as a coping mechanism.